Welcome to Dream Ventures

We help you build your dream in the blockchain.

About Us

Dream Ventures PH is composed of an experienced team of crypto enthusiasts from Philippines who are experts in building blockchain communities.

The team primarily aims to build projects' credibility and brand by strategizing content release and maximizing highlights and developments of the project, while establishing balance over the following aspects: Blockchain developments, Business Developments, and Project developments.

The team is well experienced and trained on content and event, contest facilitation, and community management that are guaranteed to bring engagement, fun and life, as well as drive real people into the communities.

The Founder

Professor T Rex of YouTube started her journey as a crypto trader. She has gone through series of trainings and workshops before becoming a content creator of blockchain-based contents.

Aside from being a content creator, she is also a consultant and a community coordinator of some startup projects in building communities, facilitating events for community growth and expansion, and strategizing marketing plans.

Moreover, she founded her own venture known as Dream Ventures PH on November 2021 that has partnered up with successful projects such as Age of Tanks, Age of Gods, and Dinoland. Her networks, management experience and skills, and influence have helped her add value to the projects with the dedicated support of her active community.

Strategic Advisor
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Community Officer
Project Manager
Youtube Content Creator

What We Can Do

We Build Communities

Doesn't know how to start building your communities and socials?

We Grow Supporters

Has existing communities but don't know how to grow them?

We Improve Engagement

Has huge communities but have poor engagement and activity?

We Establish Credibility

Has serious development plans but don't know how to build credibility?

We Simplify Information

Has imperative content but don't know how to strategically communicate?

We Prepare For Big Days

Has upcoming huge events but don't know how to successfully launch them?

We Elevate Product Designs

Has website content ideas, dApps, or mobile applications but not creative enough to design?

We Provide Trusted Devs

Has security and trust issues on blockchain developers credibility?

We Help Actualize Ideas

Has amazing Web2 and Web3 product ideas but don't know any developers who can really deliver?

Why Choose Us


The team has been around the crypto space since the boom of NFT Industry

Well Trained

Trainings and orientations have been hosted to equip the team of the skills and knowledge they need to acquire


Continuous planning and mapping of directions are implemented to cater the ever changing needs of the market


Creative approach to become unique and engaging is applied on planning phases


Team members are conditioned to work not just to earn but to become a part of the success of the project - treating it their very own


Evaluation of the work are assessed by different departmental heads


The team is composed of doxxed professionals from different fields - education, marketing, engineering, etc.


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